Sunday, April 1, 2012

margaret_loves a finished challenge

I am so glad to have a great group of followers and miniature blogger to join in on my first mini-challenge! With such a new blog, it is amazing to already have found a supportive community to share ideas and inspiration! 
The challenge was based on taking a patterned paper to use as jumping off point for a room or miniature scene. The paper itself should be bold, and possibly chosen at random/out of your comfort zone. It was meant to be a creative challenge, and a challenge it was. I honestly found myself wondering what the heck I was thinking bright pink and animal print? :) It took at least three different setups before I decided to just call it quits, and pick some photos. Here it is, loud and wild...

Frankly, I am relieved to slink back into my comfort zone now that this is over...

Please go and check out the creative and bold designs by my fellow bloggers who also love a challenge!
Mini*Aesthetics created a colorful, modern kitchen
Jazzi Minis designed an eclectic and lovely scene for a faux magazine cover
Mad for Mod is ambitiously building a modern loft bed for an adorable owl themed children's bedroom (with paper selected by her son) 
I am so impressed everyone! Now it is time for one of you to come up with another challenge for us! That's right, I just challenged you to come up with an idea for another challenge!


  1. YOur room is gorgeously bold if that makes sense? Can I come sit for awhile? I think we all did a great job...where is Mini Dork hmmmm?
    Thanks for the opportunity to join in Margaret!

  2. THe paper is so intiguing, it gives the feeling of 3d which is FAB!!!!!!!

  3. You rocked it! You made all the right design choices to go with the wild paper. I love it! The paper does give a 3D feel. I thought it was several different papers stacked and staggered in the first post. Now, to find a magazine cover or page or whatever....*smile*

  4. This was an awesome event, and I had all my stuff laid out and fell sick this weekend... perhaps I can still put something together, belatedly, this afternoon.

    Regardless... I really appreciated you setting the challenge, it was fun to think about and really fun to see what other people have done.

  5. Awesome job! I love the color scheme and the overall design. That window is fabulous.

  6. Great work! Looks very cool with the wallpaper/colors!
    Adorable design!

  7. Especially love the umbrellas! CM

  8. Playing blog catch up today...
    this room is eclectic but totally works. I love the idea of the random paper choices as a start for the theme

  9. Ah man, Jaz called me out. My bad. I'll make something happen this weekend, work has been kicking my butt.

    Totally loud, totally wild, I totally love it!!! Thanks for the challenge (I swear, I'll do it). Something big is in the works, stay tuned, more challenges are on the way. I'll keep you posted as soon as it's announced.

  10. I missed the challenge! :(
    But I dig what you have done here. The colors work well together.