Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bluebird Antiques and Home Decor

I was working on a living room scene with some of the items from my swap with studioseven. The room never seemed to look right, as much as I changed around the furniture and added/subtracted accessories. I had so many items I thought that I could really create a home decor shop, so I took off. I modeled it after small town antique shops with one of a kind items everywhere you look and a homey feel. I also used a bird motif thanks to the cute felt birds Alisa sent me in the swap, so the Bluebird was born. It is pretty cluttered and crazy, but I spent so much time working on it that I wanted it to count for something. Thank you to studioseven for many of the accessories including the felt birds, many handmade pillows, potted plants on the mantle, birds in the fireplace, blue "M" on wall, clothespins in basket, pinecone and crystal ball charms, artwork, and felt rugs. If you are curious where anything else came from, leave a comment. 


  1. How fabulous! I want to go to Bluebird to shop. I love what happens to the items I sent you once you get your hands on them. So creative...

  2. Great idea about the store. So many wonderful things!

  3. Hi! Just found your very inspiring Blog!
    Wanted to follow your blog also but could`t find the coogle one where to.. so I copied your address and pasted it into my blog...I can now follow your new pages to come! Hugs Kikka

  4. That is a lot of layers. So much texture and so much to look at. All that's missing are little price tags. Just fab!