Friday, April 6, 2012

margaret_loves aqua

I spotted a place mat today at Wal-Mart for $1, and I purchased it solely for its mini potential. It is translucent, and I thought it could make a cool wall or modern screen with the light coming through it. I taped it up on the window side of our Ikea Expedit room divider/cube shelving. Initially, I thought the pattern suited a children's room or maybe a toy store, or perhaps a colorful kitchen, and someday I might do just that. But I finally decided on a bathroom, and I was able to incorporate many of my own creations and re-purposed items along with some swap items from studioseven (Mini*Aesthetics). I don't actually own any miniature bathroom fixtures, but I have made some of my own. The shower is made from a plastic box, part of a plastic notebook cover, and stainless steel contact paper on Lego tile. The tub is a soap dish with earring backs for taps and clip-on earring backs for feet. The sink is a cardboard box with thumbtack and beads for handles and knobs. The towels and rug are cut from a washcloth.


  1. The repurposed items work so well. They look exactly like what they were intended to be.

  2. You make it look so easy. Beautifully crafted bathroom!

  3. I love aqua too! Your bathroom is beautiful! The shower is amazing! I have some plastic notebook covers but had no idea how to use them. :D That place mat is awesome. Wonder if MY Walmart has those???