Saturday, February 25, 2012

margaret_loves all-natural

I put together another scene in my Ikea Lekman box, this time a bedroom with a Zen/nature kind of theme. I  mainly just wanted to design a room around one of the new lamps I made :)

Here is the long description of credits since I seem to have used items from every corner of the earth and then some for this scene, with some unusual re-purposing as well :)

Credits: The bed is made by me using lots of foam, glue, and fabric raised up on a cardboard box with a flooring sample as a headboard. The lamp and most of the books are also made by me. The nightstand is Re-Ment and the chairs are from CB2. The television and white shelves are from DHE Minis. The trunk/chest that the television is standing was once a bright purple plastic accessory for my childhood Littlest Pet Shop toy :) I gave it a makeover.The flooring is real cork scrapbook paper from Michael's and the wallpaper is also scrapbook paper. The floor lamp is from a Call of the Small giveaway. The ottoman is a plastic bale of hay that goes with the horse trough serving as a bookshelf over the bed. These came in a big bag of plastic toys I bought at a thrift store. The wooden turtle I bought at a craft fair. The wooden tree is from a scrapbook store. I also used wooden toy blocks for end tables. The painting is from a card from a local art gallery by an artist named Ford Smith. The rest of the accessories are Re-Ment or commonly found miniature items from craft stores.


  1. Just love your taste! How do I follow your blog?
    Best from israel

    1. Neomig- Thank you! You can click "Follow" while you are logged in to your blog, I did the same to you!

  2. I love how you put these things together! ... and it's all your fault, I went out and bought my own Lekman box this weekend when we went to Ikea.

    Yer killin' me, Smalls!


  3. Heather-I guess you have succumbed to the pressure! I just wish they came in more colors! Love your Sandlot reference :)

    Oese-Thanks, you are my inspiration, I love your rooms and how you use the Lekman box.