Monday, January 30, 2012

Found: A knitted pouffe look for less

I've been seeing knitted pouffe ottomans/bean bags for a while now in CB2 catalogs and interior design blogs. Then I saw this beautiful handmade miniature version made by The Shopping Sherpa and featured by Pinch of Pepper on Flickr. I don't know how to knit, much less on a miniature scale, though a project like that may motivate me to learn when I have free time this summer. I also saw a great selection of assorted colored miniature knitted pouffes on PRD Miniatures for $12 plus shipping. While I'd love to have one, my budget is small so I started looking for a cheaper option in the form of...hacky sacks! Colorful knitted bean bags that are small enough to look convincing? I hoped it would work, but after browsing around to find one it was more difficult than I thought. Most of them had wild patterns, and it was difficult to judge if they would be the right size. By chance, I was wandering around a Party City store where they sell small, individual toys for goody bags to give away a children's parties/fill pinatas, etc. and I found some mostly solid colored bean bags for $0.97 that I could display upside-down and get the basic effect. Now I have 2 knitted pouffes for around 2 bucks. My secret is out (just don't look on the bottoms!)

Nothing much new here except the hacky sack/bean bag pouffes from Party City. Couch made by me. Coffee table from ebay. Television and stand from Dollhouse Emporium. Accessories are Re-Ment or handmade.


  1. i was wondering about hacky sacks a few months ago, but didn't know where to find one! these are great!

    glad to have found your blog! i love your sense of style!

  2. Hey there *waves* So glad you started a blog. Cool idea for the pouffe. Just one question...what on earth are hacky sacks? lol

  3. Hey thanks! Hacky sacks are small knitted bean bags that were popular in the 90s with kids and teenagers. They would be thrown around and kept in the air using your feet. Kids could do tricks with them. A lot of guys in my school would carry them around in their pocket. I believe they are also called "footbags".

  4. Ahhh, I see. 'Hacky' is colloquial for dirty where I live. You can understand my confusion =0)

  5. Yes I do, I am glad I could clear that up. Lost in translation :)

  6. Wow, what a cool idea! I love your blog and your great ideas and craftsmanship. Glad to have found you (thanks for the tip Pepper)!

  7. Thank you and welcome Mini Dork!

    1. Much better! Though the knitted pouffe is looking little bit different in materials but it's nice to see. Thanks for inform about Party City to hire this different type of pouffe.