Monday, November 21, 2011

margaret_loves miniatures

My love of all things cute and tiny has become a full-fledged hobby. I loved dollhouses as a girl, though I never really had much of one. My aunt gave me a dollhouse kit for a birthday, but it was too daunting a task for me to build on my own, my parents weren't really interested in helping. I never got past the foundation and selecting wallpaper, and we ended up getting rid of it. I had lots of Barbies, like most girls did, but I spent my time arranging their furniture and the tiny food in their tiny kitchen. I never cared much for dolls or fashion, but I loved interiors and styling rooms. I even thought about pursuing a career in interior design, but I decided to be an art teacher instead. I still love reading design blogs and decorating my own apartment, and I am an HGTV junkie. Only a few miniature items survived from my childhood, but one day we visited the Birmingham Museum of Art and in the gift shop they had some REAC chairs. I picked one up on a whim, and I began my collection of more grown-up, modern miniatures. The Modern Miniatures group on Flickr really inspired me, seeing the rooms and houses decorated to look like real life designer spaces. I especially love creative DIY methods for creating furniture and accessories and appropriating 1:1 objects as miniature items. I still don't have my dream dollhouse, instead I mostly set my scenes using bookshelves and boxes. Lately, I've started collecting interior design images from the web or a magazine and tried to recreate them in miniature scale. I hope to use this blog to connect with others who enjoy this hobby and share ideas.

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